Extreme GeoEngineering Chemtrails Gouda Netherlands

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Published at 2014, May 16
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Dutch/English Conspiracy Research FB group "Zelfredzame Burgers"

= "self-supportive citizens" dedicated to be/become:
self-supportive - autonomous - independent - sovereign - spreading awareness about alternative media - alternative cures - power foods - hidden news - forbidden history - solution revolutions - suppressed inventions - to empower all - mysteries - sun gazing - practical tips - sharing insights - spiritual psychology - practical wisdoms - political satire - humor - fun - art - poetry - special music that resonates with our struggle - to make a difference in the world - care - compassion - empathy - love - hugs4free and much more that can help us! Smile
Founder http://facebook.com/john.kuhles
FB page: http://facebook.com/infopowerment
YT Channels: http://www.youtube.com/user/5thMatrixClan/channels
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Time for a non-hierarchical form of self-governance!
Please be aware that most Dutch postings I post are NOT meant for international members! ( I post about 20% Dutch and 80% English)
Do you know someone who resonates with this group?
look for: "+ Add People to Group" on this page Smile
NEED HELP! on this FB group-page you can find a way to invite friends to this group, invite only those who you know they resonate with the topics & love to share / read the latest (empowering) alternative news! Thanks if you help (y)
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